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History of Self-Corium Regeneration


Dr. Jin Se-hun, famous for
recommending surgery only if it is

Dr. Jin Se-hun who served in Kangbuk Samsung
Hospital (former Goryeo Hospital), the first
premium clinic in Korea, is famous as a plastic
surgeon who recommends a surgery only if it is
Selected as a skilled doctor in plastic surgery
department by Dong-A Daily News, he is
recognized as the best doctor and owns 4 U


For those concerned about deep scar

진성형외과 깊게패인흉터

For those concerned about scars,
self-corium regeneration
treatment is a solution.

For those suffering from wounded heart from
deep scars that could not be eliminated by
laser, self-corium regeneration treatment will
restore your confidence.
We believe that self-corium regeneration is the
best way of perfectly treating depressed scars.
Even though you will not be treated,
we recommend you to get consultation
without keeping it to yourself.